3 Tips To Improve Residential Security

17 July 2017
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Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home, but oftentimes, people don't really give their home security much thought beyond locking the door. Here are three easy tips to help you secure your home and dissuade a would-be criminal from breaking in.

Choose Streamlined Landscaping

You may like the look of an extensive array of plants, flowers, shrubs, hedges, and other foliage in your yard, but these provide the perfect hiding spots. Instead, keep your pathways clear and limit the amount and size of shrubbery near the home and under the windows. Make sure you keep the lawn mown, too, and if you go on vacation, don't forget to have someone come and do it for you and grab the mail while they're there. The same concept applies during the winter; keep the paths shoveled.

Remember The Lighting

A dark home and yard look deserted, and it makes a criminal feel more comfortable prowling around, unworried that he will be spotted by the neighbors, passersby, or even you if you are home. Lights should be strategically placed so that no area of your property is left in the dark. You also want to have motion sensitive lights in key areas, particularly entryways. Don't forget about the back or side door, and the garage door—both front and service door—should be very well lit. For the rest of the yard, install many dim lights rather than one or two bright lights. This will ensure there are no blind spots. You will also want to make sure your security lighting is tamper proof. Use solar lights as well as conventional lighting so that in the event of a power shortage or, worse, a burglar cuts your electricity, you are still protected. You will also want to have lights high enough to be tamper-proof.

For the inside of the house, it's a good idea to have lights on a timer. This way, it will always appear as though someone is home. You can even buy a gadget that will replicate the flickering glow of the television in a darkened room at night.

Build A Secret Hiding Spot For Valuables

Look online for ideas and building plans, but under a floor board or behind a piece of tile in the bathroom shower stall are good ideas. You can hide small items, such as expensive jewelry and coins.

Lastly, hire a security company such as Tele-Plus to install a security system. Nothing can give you the sense of security and peace of mind in your home that a monitored alarm system can give you, and with the advent of smart phones now, you can see what's going on at home no matter where you are.