Smartphone Repair And Protection

17 September 2019
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Your teenager may have pleaded with you to purchase them a smartphone and promised to take good care of the device that you bought them. In spite of being vigilant while using the phone, an accident could have occurred that resulted in a cracked screen. How should you handle this type of damage, and what can you do to ensure that another crack or shattered glass does not become an issue?

Do You Have A Warranty?

When you purchase a smartphone, it usually comes with a limited warranty. This type of warranty will cover defects that are a result of the manufacturing process but will not usually cover costs associated with repairs that are a result of mishandling the equipment. If you purchased an extended warranty or additional accidental coverage, you may be able to have the repair made at no cost to you. Contact the owner of the business that sold you the phone to inquire about your coverage.

Always choose to have a repair made directly through the place where the phone was purchased, because if you take the phone to another place, your warranty could be compromised.

What Are Your Other Options?

If you didn't purchase coverage that will allow you to have a repair completed for free, you have a couple of options. You can either go ahead with the repair and pay the cost, or you can bring the phone to a private business that offers repairs. If you purchase a glass repair kit or a screen replacement, you could remedy the problem on your own. This may be your cheapest option, but you should choose this method only if you are confident that you can complete the repair steps.

You will need some small hand tools, a tutorial video, and plenty of patience to successfully fix the phone. A headlamp or a pair of magnifying goggles may make it easier for you to see small pieces of hardware or other intricate parts that are a part of a replacement screen's assembly.

How Can You Prevent Additional Damage?

A screen protector is a thin, flexible piece of film that will protect the glass screen from minor scratches. A protector will prevent dirty smudges from appearing on the screen's surface. A case should also be used to protect the sides and back of the phone from becoming scratched or cracked. Allow your teenager to pick out a case and help them secure both the protector and the case.

For more information about things like iPhone repair services or services for other kinds of smartphones, reach out to an industry professional.